Tourism security bolstered all over Peru

The Government of Peru is working on a decentralized basis to guarantee security of tourism, which will lead to an increased number of visitors to the country, informed Deputy Minister of Tourism Maria del Carmen de Reparaz Zamora.

She said since 2010 Tourist Protection Networks have been launched in almost all regions except two that are expected to join the work carried out at the national level soon.

Such networks are regional government initiatives supported by the Lima technical team, which provides counseling and support for them to enhance protocols and respond to any eventuality efficiently.

As for promotion, another issue that has been strengthened intensively since 2012 is the development of the so called Travel Culture, in which Peruvians see their country as an opportunity to travel, to experience recreation activities, and to feel Peruvian by raising awareness of what knowing wonderful places really means.

“We belong to one of the six cradles of civilization, because Peru is home to cultures that have developed all over the national territory,” she highlighted.

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