Caral archaeological site to welcome visitors on New Year’s Eve

Caral Tourists will be allowed to celebrate New Year’s Eve at the archeological site of Caral, confirmed the Ministry of Culture.

The government institution is preparing a series of recreational activities. One features telling stories about the Andes at the site for visitors.

The two-day tour, which will begin on December 31, will enable to promote architectural and natural attractions.

Located around 200 km north of Lima, Caral is considered one of the Americas’ most ancient civilizations. It was discovered by the archeologist and professor Ruth Shady.

Upon arrival, once the visitors have installed a camp or found accommodations in the area close to the pyramidal buildings, they will enjoy dinner, gather around a campfire and spend a mystic night surrounded by oral narrations of Andean-themed stories.

Sonia Meza, head of Tourism Promotion and Communications of Caral, explained this holiday route will not damage the intangible zone.

“This group is limited. We will depart on 31st December at 2.00 PM (local time) from the esplanade of the Museo de la Nación. These will be two amazing days with a meditation and spiritual night that they will never forget,” she explained.

The special program “New Year’s Eve in Caral” will have an individual admission fee of 190 Soles (US$ 65.00).

For lodging facilities, you call this number (511)205-2517 or click on the following link:

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