Peru’s Single Window for Tourism tool to US$2 billion hotel projects

Implementing the ) will provide private sector with tools required to complete a series of hotel projects, affirmed Javier Hundskopf, the head of Peruvian Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Related Establishments (Ahora).

Several hotel projects –worth US$2 billion– are on desk for the next two years, which might alleviate the current deficit of four- and five-star hotels in the Peruvian capital city.
“It has been proven that the amount of four- and five-star hotels [in Lima] is not enough to meet accommodation demands, taking into consideration the next first-rate international events due to take place in Peru through 2021,” he stated.
“As for gastronomy, one restaurant opens each day somewhere in the nation, specially in inner regions,” he said at the opening of Ahora’s Decentralized Council in Ica city.
“They [businessmen] have learned there is nothing better [for diners] than finding flagship products such as chancho al palo orsalchicha huachana. This translates into a greater number of visitors,” he continued.
For this reason, he is confident the government will run VUT starting on August this year.
The event featured regional authorities, local businessmen and university students majoring in tourism.
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