Peru: Culture Ministry filed a judicial complaint against Nazca Lines archaeologist

Peru Ministry of Culture filed a judicial complaint against archaeologist Mario Olaechea for having allegedly incurred in offences against cultural property and public administration, it was announced today.

In a press conference, Culture minister, Diana Alvarez-Calderon explained Mario Olaechea contributed to the damages caused to the Nazca Lines by guiding Greenpeace activists to the geoglyph.
The minister added the complaint will be submitted to the Nazca’s Public Prosecutor’s Office.
Peru’s Culture Ministry has expressed indignation about the events that took place near the hummingbird figure in the Nazca Lines heritage site, which was damaged by Greenpeace activists while staging an environmental protest on December 8, 2014.
Part of the geoglyph was damaged because Greenpeace members did not put on special footwear to venture anywhere near the area where the Nazca lines are cut into the ground.
During the same month, the Culture Ministry filed a lawsuit against Greenpeace.
Located about 400 kilometers south of Lima and covering about 450 square kilometers, the Nazca Lines were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.
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