Peru: Visitors gather to watch traditional dance

Hundreds of visitors arrived in the Mito district, belonging to the Concepcion Province located in Northern Huancayo (Junin Region).

The visitors had arrived to witness the ancestral dance known as “The Huaconada”, which was declared a National Intangible Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO more than four years ago.
The Huaconada is one Peru’s the most ancient, original, unique and impressive dance genres.
It is performed during the first days of the new year. On its fourth day, the eldest “huacones” go out to dance and mark the end of the crowded festivity.
The huacones are characters, who perform elegant dance.
According to customs and dancing plot, they are in charge of taking care of the people’s morals. Therefore, those are allowed to publicly ground whoever breaks the law.
The huacones, also known as “Lord Mayors”, dance to the melodies of the orchestra.
Besides having a good time and enjoying the ancestry of the people living in the highlands, tourists are also allowed to taste some of the exquisite typical dishes cooked, such as: Pachamanca, Cuy Colorado (red Guinea Pig), Trucha a la Parrilla (Grilled Trout) and Carnero al Palo (roasted lamb), sold by locals residing at this site close to the Mantaro Valley.
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