Machu Picchu and Amazon River, favorite destinations for Chinese tourists

Cusco, Iquitos and Lima are the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists visiting the country.

Therefore, these are great-potential attractions in the Asian market, the representative of Beijing Sunny International Travel Agency, Zhang Ji, affirmed at the 2nd Pacific Alliance Tourism Business Macro Roundtable.
Cusco’s most relevant tourist attraction is Machu Picchu. With regard to rainforest  Iquitos city, it is the Amazon river, said the Chinese participating at the international meeting that takes place in Mazatlan, Mexico.
Nearly 35% of the Chinese people carry out tourism-related activities, she affirmed.
Tourism data 
“The Chinese citizens who travel the most to South America are the ones, whose ages are over 50 because they have more time and resources to travel longer distances. Whereas, younger Chinese people prefer destinations inside their own country or Asia,” Zhang stated.
Every time a Chinese tourist is interested in South American destinations, they tend to plan an itinerary including four countries: Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru, she indicated.
According to the expert, these trips “last approximately 23 days” and people “spend an average US$12,700.”
“Machu Picchu is definitely one of the most appreciated destinations by the Chinese tourists,” Zhang pointed out.
Tourism Business Macro Round Table 
The 2nd Pacific Alliance Tourism Business Macro Round Table gathers 70 outbound and 120 inbound-tour operators. 36 of them are Peruvian.
The 2nd Pacific Alliance Tourism Business Meeting concludes on Wednesday. It is held at Mazatlan’s Convention Center.
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