Inca Trail campsite restored after maintenance works

Camping site No. 14 in Wiñay Wayna area —affected by heavy rains early this year— reopens to serve tourists who walk on the Inca Trail hiking path leading to Machu Picchu, after comprehensive restoration.

The termination of works was confirmed by Fernando Astete, head of the Machu Picchu Archaeological Park.

It took three months to restore the area and reassemble the 90-square meter retaining walls, allowing the recovery of platforms where tourists and carriers can set up their tents and rest before resuming their journey.

According to Inca Trail’s maintenance coordinator Francisco Huarcaya, the area collapsed during the rainy season, and works were carried out from March to May.

“The camping area includes two platforms with stone stairways and a rainwater drainage system, and can accommodate up to nine large tents,” he explained.

Actions were implemented after Decentralized Culture Directorate of Cusco (DDCC) experts released a positive geological report.

Fuente: Andina


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