Archaeological Landscape of Huanchosmarca gains cultural heritage status

The Ministry of Culture of Peru decided to list the Archaeological Landscape of Huanchosmarca as National Cultural Heritage of Peru, according to a deputy ministerial resolution published in the official gazette El Peruano.

The archaeological area is located in the rural community of San Lorenzo de Cochabamba, in the Lachaqui district of the Canta province in southern Lima.

The document states that any new project, path, road, canal, mining or agricultural claim, housing project, among other factors affecting the landscape of the pre-Hispanic archaeological monuments recognized as National Cultural Heritage, will require prior approval from the Ministry’s competent department.

In order to make sure the Archaeological Landscape of Huanchosmarca will be considered when implementing land development plans, a certified copy of the resolution will be submitted to the Regional Government of Lima, the Provincial Municipality of Canta, the District Municipality of Lachaqui, the rural community of San Lorenzo de Cochabamba and Cofopri.

The documented was signed by the Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Industries, Luis Jaime Castillo Butters.

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