U.S. university to fund enhancement works at Callacpuma archaeological site

The University of Wyoming located in Laramie, United States, will finance the enhancement of Callacpuma, a archaeological center located 12 kilometers from Cajamarca city, between Llacanora and Los Baños del Inca districts.

The archaeological area, dating from 15,000 years BC, is well known for its cave paintings drawn on rocky walls, as well as for its anthropomorphic, zoomorphic, phytomorphic and geometric figures that were considered Apus (spirits of the mountains) by ancient inhabitants.
According to Henry Idrogo Zamora, archaeologist at Cajamarca’s Regional Culture Directorate, the site is neglected, however, this will change once the first stage of the enhancement process has been implemented in coordination with the said university.
“We are making progress on the file that will contain data deriving from research in the zone, which will include excavations and specialized personnel such as archaeologists and field assistants for a month,” he said.
The university shall fund the entire first stage of the project (research-excavation) thanks to the efforts of Jason Toohey, an American archeologist who will take part in the research scheduled for July 6 – Agust 7.
This will be the first excavation to be carried out at the 254-hectare monument, and also Wyoming’s first intervention at a Peruvian archaeological site.
Callacpuma is known as Cajamarca’s culture house, which has been owned by various generations that have lived there, before Huacaloma and Layzon.
Idrogo said this first intervention seeks to prevent land trafficking in the area, since locals believe the hill belongs to them. “Some inhabitants pretend to take possession of the place, but we have made them understand this is part of the State’s cultural heritage.”
Later procedures will require public investment. Subsequent enhancement works will include, among others, upgrading initiatives, delimitation of the area, installation of signs, and the construction of a museum.
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