Recover invaded zone of Caral

Eviction was held following the law No. 30230 to preserve the National Cultural Heritage.

Representatives of the Attorney’s Office of the Ministry of Culture, and Police Division of Northern Lima – Huacho and Supe, last March 24, exiled a group of invaders, most of them avocado’s farmers who had taken possession of almost 2 hectares of the archaeological site of Caral, in Supe, Barranca.

Taking advantage of the Supe River flooding, the forces of order went to the district of Vegueta in Huacho, entering the Archaeological Site from behind to finally take possession of the zone.

When entering into the invaded space, representatives of the Ministry exhorted invaders to leave the place, telling them it was an extrajudicial eviction following the law 30230, but they reacted with threatenings and aggressions, even using sticks and rocks.

Caral is considered the most ancient civilization of America, with approximately 5000 years of existence. Its archaeological site was recognized in 2009 as Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO.

This way the Ministry of Culture reaffirms its decision to fight and defend with all the necessary legal tools the affections to archaeological heritage. Similarly, remember that invasion of intangible areas is a crime that implies fines and criminal punishment.

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