Nazca’s to-be-unveiled tourism potential

Although Nazca Lines are Ica region’s top landmarks and the district’s tourism potential is huge, but not spread enough, zone authorities have launched an intense promotion campaign intended to attract larger amounts of domestic and foreign visitors, it was emphasized.

In Nazca, Cahuachi ceremonial center stands out. It is situated on the lower side of the Village, which is composed of various architectural complexes, among them pyramids and cemeteries. The area is surrounded by sand layers. From here, agriculture-related offerings are made.

The President of the Nazca Tourism Chamber Elizabeth Scarpati emphasized the fact that visitors will be able to see a great marine biodiversity at the San Fernando Bay, situated in Marcona district. That environment is composed of sea birds, sea lions, penguins and otters. Likewise, condors and guanacos gather in the area.

“There is a vast flora,” Scarpati noted.

Marcona’s beautiful beaches and its animal-shaped rocks feature turtles and elephants, among others.

“For those, who enjoy adventure sports, the favorite place is Cerro Blanco, located 10 kilometers away from Nazca […]. It is ideal for sandboarding and off-road [activities] due the enormous sand slopes,” she specified.

Among other attractions, the entrepreneur emphasized Cantalloc aqueducts, Los Paredones Archeological Zone, Chauchilla Cemetery -one of the few in Peru, which allows visitors to see mummies inside their royal tombs- and the petroglyphs of Chichictara. For tourists, who like mystical tourism, an energy center in Orcona is to be found, where people go to treat their illness in various sessions.

According to the chairman, guests who dislike flying are allowed to distinguish the Nazca Lines from viewpoints.

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