Inti Raymi ceremony to be seen at three different venues

Inti Raymi ceremony taking place at Qoricancha Temple, Cusco’s Main Square and Sacsayhuaman Fortress will stand out for the vibrant and joyful performance by more than 750 actors, it was informed.

According to Luis Huayhuaca Villasante, President at the Municipal Company of Festivities in Cusco (Emufec), the original scrip will not be altered, but will seem more attractive to locals and tourists compared to previous years.

Nivardo Carrillo –starring Inca of the Inti Raymi festival– will come out to greet the Inti or Sun God since 9 a.m., while delegations representing each of the four suyos or regions of the Inca Empire, that is, Antisuyo (East), Contisuyo (West), Qollasuyo (South), Chinchaysuyo North) will join the acting coming from their respective directions.

Stands will be set up to house attendees within the perimeter of the Qoricancha’s terrace. The performance will last 45 minutes and will then head to Cusco’s Main Square, located just a block and a half away.

More stands will be set up there, so that Inca’s performance can be seen. The greeting of the Inca to the mayor, known as “Encuentro de los Tiempos”, won’t be held this time.

The celebration will reach its peak. Huayhuaca Villasante ensured the presence of Ayarachis, musicians from Livitaca in Chumbivilcas province, who preserve Andean artistic tradition.

The top celebration will take place at Sacsayhuaman. Emufec has sold more than 70% of the seats to national and foreign tourists; about 3,800 visitors are expected to be there. However, the surrounding area has been reserved for the thousands of locals attending the event.

Order and respect will be demanded while staying in the natural reserves in order to protect the Incan bastions. Police officers will be deployed to secure the venues and municipal workers will deliver the clean-up of the places.

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