5 reasons to visit Máncora, Peru

The high-fashion magazine refers to the resort town as a “locals only” hideaway. Would you agree?
Kichic, one of the posh stays recommended by Vogue (Photo: Kichic Facebook)

Not too long ago, Vogue was recommending a lavish itinerary for the adventurous woman traveling in Peru. The days included throwing back Pisco Sours on a luxury jungle cruise, stays at boutique hotels in the metropolitan city, and southern sites like Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca.

Perhaps making up for their apparent oversight of northern Peru, the high-fashion magazine published the travel-inspired article, “Meet Me in Máncora: 5 Reasons to Visit This Locals Only Peruvian Hideaway.”

While the article gives complimentary descriptions of the northern resort town, noting its charm and endless summer vibe, we’re not so sure referring to Máncora as “the under-the-radar spot free of tourist clatter” is entirely accurate.

Tourism in the beach town has grown so fast, that lack of urban planning and all around preparation for the crowds has been cause for concern. Not to mention the case of extreme littering that left the beaches unrecognizable at the start of the new year.

The article gives plenty of recommendable places to stay and eat, and even goes so far to mention nearby (1.5 hr drive) Tumbes, home to Mangroves and the Amotape Hills National Park, as a must-see.

So what were the “5 reasons”? The author seems to have lost count, as she lists quite a lot. But with a chic beach getaway like the one she apparently enjoyed, who can blame her?

Source: Vogue

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