USA Today: Peru’s Pacaya Samiria one of 10 Best Reader’s Choice for Wildlife

A few days left to celebrate its 43 anniversary, Peru’s National Pacaya Samiria Reserve has been recognized as one of the ’10 Best Reader’s Choice’ in the Wildlife category.

The Peruvian reserve occupied position number 2 in the ranking by the prestigious American daily newspaper USA Today.
“The Pacaya Samiria Reserve near the Amazon River’s headwater in Peru is a 5-million-acre mosaic of pristine habitats including flooded and dry forest and extensive wetlands,” said the USA Today.
“It is home to some of the largest wildlife populations in the Amazon: Pink and gray river dolphins, troops of howler monkeys, elusive sloths, flocks of brilliant macaws and bright butterflies,” it added.
“Lagoons covered in giant lily pads teem with fish and caiman, while scores of marsh birds hunt from shore,” it stated finally.
In response, the National Service of Natural Protected Areas (Sernanp) indicated the award pays a tribute to the world’s sites with the best scenic beauty and biodiversity on the planet.
The natural protected area represents 6% of the Loreto region.
The reserve is located in the “heart of the Amazon river, one of the seven natural world wonders, which hosts the largest extension of flood forests in the Peruvian Amazonia,” said a Sernanp press release.
In this sense, it has become a recognition to Peru’s natural richness, which can be found on the Peruvian Amazonia.
Its amazing landscapes, the rich biological diversity and its relevance to the region’s population- due to the abundant natural resources it provides- turned this protected area into the “Second best place for Wildlife in the world” after a close challenge with the Galapagos Island, located in Ecuador.
The international award was made possible thanks to the enthusiasm and support of the people, who took part in the voting process.
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