NatGeo to broadcast documentary on Moche Route

The “Moche Route” documentary is part of a four-part special program on Peru that National Geographic will air throughout Latin America starting on Sunday, July 6.

According to Carmen Larios, VP of Programming and Development of National Geographic Channels for Latin America, the documentary will air on Sundays during prime time (21:00).

The Moche Route documentary, issued on Wednesday to the national press, presents a visit to Trujillo, a city close to important archaeological sites such as the world’s largest mud-brick citadel of Chan Chan, and the area around seaside town of Huanchaco, known for its reed horses.

The entire program will run four Sundays featuring archaeological sites in Lambayeque and La Libertad, as well as the Nazca Lines in Ica region, and the citadel of Machu Picchu in Cusco.

The first documentary to air as part of this four-part special program is named Ancient Megastructures: Machu Picchu, intended to discover the secrets of revolutionary structures in the ancient Inca empire.

This documentary shows Machu Picchu built to celebrate Emperor Pachacutec as one of the planet’s most awe-inspiring monuments.

The documentary Peru Milenario (Millennnial Peru) about pre-Inca cultures that flourished in the Andean nation and the Americas will be broadcast the following Sunday, July 13.

The Moche Route will air on July 20, followed by a special on July 27 about “Nasca Lines” lying in the dusty desert of southern Peru and that are among the most enigmatic human monuments ever created.

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