Ministry of Culture organizes Conference “Research of Archeological Program High encourage, Ica – Peru”

The Ministry of Culture, through the General Direction of Immovable Archeological Patrimony organize the conference “Research and Archeological program High Encourage, Ica – Peru” the ideal and Material in the Paracas architecture in the river basin of Callango”

The presentation will be in care of outstanding archeologist and researchers Aïcha Bachir Bacha and Daniel Llanos Jacinto. The conference will be developed on Tuesday 23 of September, at 17:00 pm in the Hall Paracas of the Ministry of Culture. The entrance is free.

Is worth stressing that Aïcha Bachir Bacha is archeologist and researcher teacher in the Research Center over Prehispanic America (CERAP) of the High Studies School and Socials Sciences (EHESS) associated the Sorbonne University of Paris

She has dedicated to studies the prehispanic societies of the south coast of Peru, with emphasis in politic religious centers, the power, the territory and the Paracas identity and the nascas. Likewise, since the year 1999 has participate and directed different archeology projects in the south coast of Peru and since the year 2007 is managing the Archeological Program high encourage, Ica – Peru sponsored by the Ministry of foreign affaires of France,

For its part, Oscar Daniel Llanos Jacito is doctor in Archeology and associated researcher of the investigation center over Prehispanic America (CERAP) of the School of High Studies in social Sciences (EHESS) associated to the Paris University La Sorbonne. It has specialized in emergency of the complex society in the Central Andes and has addressed the issue of the segmentary state Nasca and the Interaction and the cultural chronologic parallelism between Paracas and Nasca.

Likewise, is author of the book Le basin du Rio Grande de Nazca, archeology d’un Etat Andin and since 2009 co leading the Archeology Program High Encourage, Ica – Peru

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