Lake Sandoval: a magical place in Tambopata National Reserve, Puerto Maldonado

In Tambopata National Reserve it is possible to find one of the most beautiful lakes in the Peruvian Amazon, the Lake Sandoval. A mirror that reflects the blue sky in its clear and calm waters, where sailing becomes a relaxed and comfortable ride. Getting to this natural paradise is a simple drive from the city of Puerto Maldonado.

The prime location of Lake Sandoval can accommodate different animal species that coexist harmoniously. Giant Otters or river wolves are very frequent visitors, invading with strong sounds from its herd.

Many species of birds reach the lake’s shores, among them especially are the macaws and parrots that, with a happy prattle, do away with the local silence. According to the studies in the surrounding areas of Lake Sandoval you can find up to 1,000 species of birds, an ideal spot for birdwatching.

(Photo: Beto Santillan/Inkanatura)

At dusk it is a must to walk along the shore of the lake and rest while we observe the sunset and with it the arrival of several flocks of birds looking for a night’s rest. A bird that will call your attention for its prehistoric aspect is the Hoatzing, of red plumage and a particular crest. At these final hours of the day, bats, frogs and grasshopper will show up creating a feast sound. Other animal species present include turtles, monkeys, herons or cranes and the black alligator.

In its waters it is possible to find a great variety of fish, one of the most appreciated by the locals is the Paiche, a freshwater fish of big dimensions that is used to prepare delicious plates. Given this variety of fish, fishing on the lake is a great option.

(Photo: Alfredo Fernandez/Inkanatura)

On top and thick forest full of greenery surrounding it, highlight the aguajales that manage to measure up to 30 m. high.

In spite of being located in a reserved zone, tourism is possible in Lake Sandoval, through sustainable and responsible practices of tourism. The lake is shaped like a horse-shoe, and maintains its intangible beauty thanks to the conservation efforts of the Tambopata National Reserve.

(Photo: Daniel Blanco/Inka Natura)

It is not exaggerated to say that those who have been to the Lake Sandoval compare it to a natural paradise. The weather is not an impediment to visit; the average temperature is of 25°C and has high humidity.

In its surroundings it is possible to find some lodges. Inkanatura Travel offers the Sandoval Lake Lodge, a beautiful place located in the shore of the lake, made with wood from trees that fell into the river by the natural action of erosion, in order to maintain sustainability policies oriented towards ecotourism. The travel package will allow you to explore this paradisiac lake in all its possibilities.


by Jennifer Hernandez

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