Archaeological sites in Llagaden, Cajamarca region identified

A group of experts led by the Decentralized Directorate of Culture of Cajamarca (DDCC) identified three archaeological sites in Llagaden community belonging to Magdalena district.

At the site pottery remains, which date back to 2,000 years ago, had been found at the Llagaden Ranch owned by Flavio Castro, who requested the DDCC’s intervention with the aim of preserving Peruvian cultural heritage.

In the Congona, Naranjo mountains and in San Sebastian de Choropampa area, experts found archaeological evidence, which could be linked to ancient Pre-Incan Cajamarca Culture funerary patterns.

Archaeologist Francisco Esquerre explained the inspection process is based on establishing coordinates of the sites to later conduct an in-depth analysis.

“Remains are comprised of masonry, ceramic shards and a series of funerary coats. According to the ceramic found, items date back to nearly 2,000 years ago,” the expert indicated. Some kaolin-made shards probably belong to the Initial or Medium Cajamarca culture period, he added.

The DDCC will work on delimiting the area. Likewise, it will coordinate with community members to protect the heritage.

The ranch-owner handed over the items to the DDCC. These will be analyzed and preserved by the institution.

It must be noted Llagaden Ranch was built by the Franciscan Order in 1628.

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