Peru Police rescues missing U.S. tourist near Misti volcano

A United States citizen who got lost in the surroundings of Misti volcano (southern Arequipa region) was rescued by Peruvian National Police’s High Mountain Rescue Unit (USAM) agents, the institution reported.

Sadira Lotus Gonzales (24) went missing on Saturday, May 27, while touring the said volcano joined by Argentinean friend Pablo Jose Alvarado (40).

After realizing she could not find her way back, the woman decided to stay put and wait for help.

Arequipa’s USAM agents at the site began the search as soon as they were alerted and managed to locate her 10 hours later.

She was found at a 5,254 m.a.s.l. spot exhibiting dehydration symptoms.

Once stabilized, the U.S. visitor thanked USAM agents for saving her life. She plans to continue her tour across the Inca country.

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