Cusco’s celebrations start with Pachamama ritual act

Cusco’s jubilee month celebrations kicked off with an offering to the Pachamama, or Mother Earth, on Monday morning.

The event was held at the terrace of Qoricancha Temple, considered one of the most important buildings in the former Inca Empire.

Led by Andean priests, the ceremony gathered Cusco authorities, as well as domestic and foreign visitors.

At the site, the priests received various products from this Southern city. All these food items were wrapped in a small mantle that was later burned.

Said ritual act took place as a sample of gratitude to Mother Earth, as well as to guarantee the success of festivities set for the coming months of June and July.

Finally, city Mayor Carlos Moscoso invited people to join the upcoming celebrations, including Corpus Christi, Lord of Qoyllorit’i and Inti Raymi, among others.

It must be noted Cusco’s main day is June 24, when the Inti Raymi ritual takes place. The Sun Festival is held the same day at Sacsayhuaman Fortress.

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