Peru: La Libertad natural areas join Moche Route tourist circuit

The National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State (Sernanp) proposed to integrate La Libertad protected natural areas into the Moche Route tourist circuit in a bid to boost tourist activity in the Calipuy National Reserve and Sanctuary.

According to Sernanp, the Moche Route, or Muchik, is the tourist circuit that includes visits to archaeological sites in the area where the Mochica culture developed (Trujillo).

While in there, visitors will be able to see beautiful landscapes and different species of flora and fauna in their natural state at the Calipuy National Reserve, the Calipuy National Sanctuary and Guañape Islands at the Guano Islands, Isles and Capes National Reserve System.

The proposal was supported by Eduardo Azabache, Regional Manager at the Foreign Trade, Tourism and Handicrafts Department of La Libertad Regional Government.

Azabache said immediate actions will be carried out together with municipal, tourist and education authorities to implement the initiative in the short term.

The initiative was presented within the framework of the first documentary exhibition named “Calipuy, Guañape Islands and its Huacas: Natural and Cultural Pride of Viru Province,” organized by Sernanp in coordination with Viru’s Casa de la Cultura (Culture House).

The event features texts and photos that portray cultural heritage and natural wealth of protected areas located in Viru and Santiago de Chuco provinces.

The exhibit will be part of the Educational Diversification Plan adopted by Viru Province. To this end, the Local Education Management Unit UGEL-Viru has issued a resolution to allow local students to explore the said display.

The exhibition is going to be open until the end of May at the auditorium of San Pedro de Viru Temple. It will then travel to Chao and Guadalupito districts.

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