Over US$2.67 million to be invested in research at Choquequirao ruins

More than S/9 million (about US$2.67 million) will be invested in research projects at the Choquequirao Archaeological Park this year, Cusco’s Decentralized Culture Directorate head Vidal Pino announced.

The money will be spent on identification, registration, conservation and maintenance of various areas as well.
Projects include restoration works and enhancement of the Paqchayoc zone, where some S/5.5 million (US$1.63 million) will be committed to.
Likewise, archaeological research will be conducted through excavations in the Laccococha-Chaquiorqo-Lucmabamba stretch, worth S/485,000 (about US$144,000).
In addition, declaration and delimitation records will be prepared in Kutacoca-Choquequirao and Vitkus-Mojon-Lucmabamba sectors.
“As for maintenance, conservation and updating of the Choquequirao Archaeological Park Master Plan, some S/3 million (around US$891,000) is being invested over the 2015-2017 period,” he explained.
According to Vidal, projects are scheduled to be held between 2018 and 2021 to restore various stretches along the Inca road system, or Qhapaq Ñan.
“They involve the refurbishment of pre-Hispanic paths Vitkus-Mojon-Lucma and Choquequirao-Kutacoca, which link Choquequirao with the Vilcabamba Arqueological Park,” he pointed out.
“The cable-car system and other access points to Choquequirao encourage us to redouble efforts. We are going to do our best to materialize these projects,” Vidal assured.
He went on to add the Inca site receives an average of 50 visitors a day.
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