Culture Ministry recovered five archaelogical areas in 2014

Aimed at fighting damages and defending the archaeological Peruvian heritage through legal tools, the Public Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Peruvian Culture Ministry, has recovered five archaeological zones in many regions of the country, which were illegally occupied by tens of families.

In this sense, preventive evictions and provisional management were carried out at the Archaeological Zone “Cerro Los Paredones de Nasca”, located in Peru Ica, which was occupied by about 20 families.
Also, preventive eviction and provisional management were carried out in the Archaeological Zone “Huaca La Calera II”, which is located inside the the Geoglyphs of Nasca and Pampas de Jumana area.
In the same way, the Archaeological Zone Caleta Vidal, located in the Barranca province, was recovered by an extrajudicial method.
It should be pointed out that none of the procedures have represented social costs.
Finally, the Culture Ministry confirms the intangible land invasion to be a crime against heritage and against cultural heritage in the aggravated usurpation modality which includes penal sanctions and fines.
Peru’s Culture Ministry has promised to protect intangible areas
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