CAF’s exhibition celebrates Peruvian silversmithing art

An exhibition featuring pieces of silver artifacts which showcases Peru’s ancestral filigree techniques are on display at Latin American Development Bank’s (CAF) Tower in Caracas, Venezuela.

The exhibit, made up of 37 pieces of silver filigree which have received awards in the contests organized annually by the Patronato Plata del Peru, is presented in the spaces of the CAF Tower with the support of the Peruvian Embassy in Venezuela.

The exhibition titled “Silver Threads from Peru” offers to the public a variety of objects worked with the ancestral filigree skills using silver threads, one of the most treasured metals in the history of mineral wealth of the countries of the region.

“We are proud to receive at the CAF Tower a sample of these silver pieces,” said Enrique Garcia, the institution’s Executive President.

He added, “They have been selected and awarded with prizes in different editions of the national silver contest of Peru from 1997 to 2013, due to their extraordinary beauty and masterful manufacturing.”

The exhibit seeks to promote the art of Peruvian silver filigree, a tradition that artisans and silversmiths have perfected and passed on from generation to generation until it has reached a level of finesse and perfection in their works that have earned diverse recognitions worldwide.

“The Ollanta Humala administration’s cultural policy abroad has, among its objectives, the dissemination of the most significant expressions of the country’s cultural heritage,” said Mario Lopez Chavarri, Peru’s ambassador to Venezuela

The diplomat continued, “The Silver Threads of Peru Exhibit represents an additional effort in this respect, which would not have been possible without the valuable collaboration of institutions committed to the support of culture, such as Patronato Plata del Peru and CAF”.

This exhibit pays tribute to the role performed by silversmiths, and is an opportunity to revalue history and a tradition that dates back to the colonial era.

Thus, CAF, aware of the transforming power of art and its potential in the Latin American cultural integration, is a permanent promoter of culture and art in its 18 shareholder countries.

“Silver Threads of Peru” will be on display until August 12th at the CAF Tower, located at Avenida Luis Roche, Torre CAF, Altamira.

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