Peru: Natural, cultural attractions converge in Pomac Forest area

June is the best month to visit the Pomac Forest Historical Sanctuary, a protected natural area located in Lambayeque region, northern Peru, which offers visitors a variety of natural and cultural attractions along its 5,887-hectare area.

The Sanctuary is an ideal destination for tourists seeking contact with nature and for those interested in the cultural pre-Hispanic past. Two tourist attractions converge here: the ecological wealth of the dry forest and the Sican culture remains.
Sican Culture
Pomac houses the Huaca Las Ventanas, an impressive 10-meter high truncated pyramidal structure made of adobe that is part of a group of pre-Hispanic pyramids.
The famous ceremonial knives, known as ‘Tumi’, were found in the temple’s cemetery. Tourists can also visit the Huacas Lucia and Cholope, a monumental religious complex that holds Las Columnas Temple.
Dry Forest
Another tourist spot in the Pomac Forest Historic Sanctuary is Las Salinas viewpoint, from where tourists can observe a vast dry forest preserved in the protected area near La Leche river, a perfect place for photography.
The fauna is typical of the equatorial dry forests located on the plains, which are covered by carob trees. To date, more than 89 species of birds have been registered; many of them are not found in other protected areas. This is why ornithologists and bird watchers are interested in visiting the place.
Visitors will not have altitude sickness because the reserve is located 80 meters above sea level; however, they are advised to bring along sunscreen.
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