Peru: Electronic passports verification equipment installed at Jorge Chávez Airport

New equipment required for the validation of electronic passports and other biometric identification documents was installed at the migratory checkpoints of the Jorge Chavez International Airport.

The move is part of a pilot project, declared the head of the National Authority of Migrations, Peruvian National Police General, Edwin Palomino Vega.
The official indicated this equipment is already integrated into the migratory control system. This enables to provide a more “secure” reading of documents, which reduces the risk of passengers entering with fake documents.
Palomino Vega explained the new equipment scan the entire page of documents. This enables to read passengers data and to transfer the information to the migratory system.
Those also verify the security measures of the documents.
In addition, this biometric technology reads electronic passports holding a chip, which allows to digitally corroborate the data stored in the document, and to identify possible adulterations.
As Palomino noted, in November 2014, 13 additional Migratory and Border Checkpoints were interconnected to the already existing ones.
“The National Authority of Migrations contributes to the national security with these measures in the framework of the internal and border security policy,” he stated.
Finally, this new technology will lead to continue improving the migratory procedures and the effectiveness of the services, he affirmed.
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