Peru: Artworks exhibited at new Cusco’s Museum St. Francis Convent

The amazing museum attached to St. Francis Convent “Convento Maximo de San Francisco de Asis” has been opened last night.

It is located at Cusco city’s San Francisco Square.
The museum has put on display artworks, which used to be stored in the past, to spread information about the “life” of the Franciscan Order in Cusco.
Over 400 artworks, which date from the 17th century, are currently on display at halls such as ‘El Refectorio’, the convent’s former baroque-styled dining room, being ‘The Last Supper’ one of the most amazing pieces of art at the site.
Other works of art were created by artists: Diego de La Puente, Marcos Zapata, Marcos De Rivera, Basilo De Santa Cruz and Juan Espinoza de Los Moteros, among others.
Huge sculptures and beautiful altarpieces are on display, too.
A library is also part of the museum; however, it has not been included in the inventory, yet. It is estimated to shelter around 12,000 books. 90% of those were written in Latin between the 16th and 19th centuries.
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