Nearly 200 Mochica culture art pieces showcased in Barcelona

Almost 200 art pieces from ancient Mochica from valleys in northern Peru have crossed the ocean to the Mediterranean coast, in order to take part in an exhibit introduced today at the CaixaForum Museum in Barcelona, according to AFP news agency.

Many times outshined by the Inca Empire that would take shape a few centuries later, the Mochica Culture –that flourished around 200 A.D. in the Moche River valley– will restore its position through this display due to open on Friday under the name “Arte mochica del antiguo Perú. Oro, mitos y rituales” (Mochica Art from Ancient Peru: Gold, Myths and Rituals).

Pottery vessels, jewels, ceremonial objects made of precious metal, textiles and liturgical objects in wood, stone, shells and bone have been placed in the said museum “to feature ancient artists’ dexterity,” stated CaixaForum.

The exhibition will run through June 7 and will later move to Madrid’s CaixaForum.

The pre-Colombian art works were taken from Lima’s Larco Museum.

CaixaForum stressed the civilization was already present in the region long time before the development of the Incas, together with Cupisnique and Chimu cultures.


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