Found a crypt and mural painting on temple San Francisco de Asís de Maras

While conducting archaeological research and restoration, workers happened upon a crypt and mural once forgotten in the Temple of San Francisco de Asis in the district of Maras, Urubamba in Cusco.

The crypt was discovered while researchers were working in the Virgen de las Nieves chapel of the temple. The crypt contains a scatter of human bones that could total up to 32 complete skeletons. The researchers claim the skeletons belong to Christian burials, which have been left in poor condition to due numerous disturbances.

The mural on the other hand was found while workers were dismantling paintings belonging to painter Antonio Sinchi Roka. On the wall of the presbytery, the mural that once made up the original decoration of the temple was rediscovered.

The initial observations believe the mural to be significant as it is appears to be dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In addition, the walls of the central nave have a separate mural containing geometric and zoomorphic figures.

The restoration and archaeological research of the temple began in July 2013 and is half complete. The Directorate of Culture of Cusco emphasized that the techniques used in excavation and research are of expert level and will be evaluated in depth.


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