Peru: Moquegua to celebrate Charango Festival at Sarawja

Residents of San Cristobal District (Peru’s Southern Moquegua region) are getting ready to celebrate the “Sarawja – Charango de Oro Sijuaya 2015” Festival.

This event will gather people from Aymara towns located in the surrounding valleys, who will exhibit the customs and traditions that built Peru’s culture.
Sarawya means “I’m leaving” in Aymara language, and “Sarawjatana” means “We are leaving”. This is because the festival takes place once the carnival celebrations have concluded.
It represents the traditional fraternity bonds existing between the families living in Aymara towns.
Locals are proud to dance at the Sarawja festival, which is held once a year.
The Mayor of San Cristobal district, Alfredo Nina Calizaya, confirmed “everything is ready for this Saturday,” the date on which the festivities will kick off.
Lodging is available for visitors, who want to enjoy the festival at Sijuaya, the mayor confirmed.
“Dear brothers and sisters. Let’s get ready to celebrate Easter, say goodbye to carnival celebrations and continue preserving this cultural heritage our grandparents knew how to grow and make flourish,” the mayor declared.
“Sarawja (the festival) is part of Peru’s cultural treasures, and we should continue revaluing it because it is a Cultural Heritage of the Nation,” he added.
The 17th Contest known as: “Golden charango” will gather people from San Cristobal, Calacoa, Cuchumbaya and Carumas districts. It will be held on April 11, 2015.
The event is considered one of the most important in the region.
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